International Symposium of Medals

The tradition of medal-making artists meeting in Kremnica was founded in 1983. The first three editions of the symposium were limited to Slovak and Czech artists but since 1988 it has developed an international character. It is organised every two years and five medal makers take part, one being from Slovakia. The pleasant environment of Kremnica and the peaceful atmosphere in the former home of the artistic Angyal family have given rise to many meetings and the establishment of new contacts. The symposium has become an integral part of artistic life in Kremnica – the centre of Slovak coin and medal making.

The basic idea of the International Medal Symposium in Kremnica is to support the art of medal making. The Museum provides favourable conditions for the work of participating authors, thus contributing to the exchange of knowledge and creative inspiration on international level.  The Symposium is an opportunity for medal makers from various countries to experience Slovakia’s contemporary life and culture and to become acquainted with the rich history of the town of Kremnica, above all with its medal-making tradition. It also provides insight into the future development of medal making with reference to the activities of the Kremnica Mint, which has operated in the town without interruption for over 680 years.

One thing that makes the Kremnica symposium stand out from similar events elsewhere in Europe is that the artists design and then strike two-sided medals at the Kremnica Mint. Apart from this, the artists design five cast medals during their four weeks in Kremnica, and the designs are then brought to life by specialised local craft foundries. The attendees’ work culminates in the opening of an exhibition of the medals created during the symposium in the NBS Museum of Coins and Medals.

Since 1983, more than 600 medals have been created at symposia by nearly 80 leading medal artists. These medals become part of the museum’s medal collection and a selection of them can be seen in the numismatic-historical exhibition Two Faces of Money – Money and Medal Making in the History of Slovakia at Štefánikovo námestie (Štefánik square) 10/19 in Kremnica.

The 15th International Symposium of Medals in Kremnica took place from 20 September to 17 October 2021. The 16th International Symposium of Medals in Kremnica took place from 2 to 29 October 2023.

International Art Medal Federation
Fédération Internationale de la Médaille d’Art


FIDEM 2023, Florence

Ľuba Belohradská: 12 Slovak medalists at the international exhibition of contemporary art medals FIDEM Florence 2023

FIDEM 2021, Tokio

Belohradská Ľuba: Struck Medals Created by Slovak Artists during International Symposia of Art Medals in Kremnica in 1988 – 2021
Contribution in XXXVI. FIDEM, Tokio 2021.

Angyal house - the meeting place of 15th Kremnica International Symposium of Medals
The Town Castle and buildings of the Štefánik square
Štefánik square - the main square in Kremnica

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