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Guided tours

  • Two Faces of Money – Money and Medal-Making in the History of Slovakia

    The history and development of means of payment in our country’s territory from the earliest times to present-day coins and banknotes, comprehensive history of medal-making

    • The establishment of the museum, the history of the town of Kremnica, crafts and manufacturing, the daily life of a Kremnica burgher and important visits to the town
    • Mining and metallurgy in Kremnica

  • The Town Castle

    History of the foundation of the town of Kremnica and the mint:

    • An overview of mining history in Kremnica
    • Construction, development and functions of the town castle
    • Description of the buildings in the town castle and their functions
    • St Catherine’s Church – its development over time, cultural heritage restoration activities, a description of the interior (altars, statues, paintings, legends of the saints), information about the organ
    • Legends and curiosities

  • Dead on target!

    History of the Kremnica Burgher Shooting Society and its targets

  • Gallery

    Information on the current exhibition

If you are interested in a guided tour or visiting at a specific time, please contact the museum branch directly.

Money and Medal-Making in the History of Slovakia
Numismatic and historical exhibitions
Štefánikovo nám. 10/19
Tel: 00421 (0) 45/6780308, 6742696

and St Catherine’s Church
Zámocké nám. 568/1
Tel: 00421 (0) 45/6743968

Long-term exhibition “Dead on target! The Kremnica Burgher Shooting Society and its shooting targets”
Štefánikovo nám. 32/38
Tel: 00421 (0) 45/6744165

Short-term exhibitions
Štefánikovo nám. 33/40
Tel: 00421 (0) 45/6743261, 00421 (0) 906 124 016


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