Educational programs and creative workshops for schools

Educational activities in the museum

The Museum of Coins and Medals offers school groups various educational activities and programmes, which by offering positive experiences aim mainly to build and deepen the young generation’s relationship to its own region and country. A museum visit can significantly contribute to enhancing knowledge of one’s own country and region, mainly due to the power of the authentic objects on display. By visiting an exhibition, pupils gain information from historical sources. Such visual objects can convey long-lasting knowledge. As well as regular visits, our museum also offers school groups various activities and educational programmes based on the method of experience, practice and cooperative learning.

Pupils coming across authentic historical objects acquire valuable experience, which is amplified by the interactive character of the individual programmes that require the pupils’ active participation and cooperation when dealing with a specific task.

The museum offers a series of educational and play-acting programs for schoolchildren of various age categories (from kindergarten to secondary school ages), organised as part of visits to the individual museum exhibitions.

Educational programs are available only in Slovak language.

Personal experience is the best source of knowledge.

Price/person for school groups:
€1.50 (children’s admission fee as for a regular visit)
Free admission for 2 teachers per group of 40 children

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