The history of money is closely connected with precious metal mining. Kremnica and its surroundings were a centre of mining life for centuries, up to almost the end of the 20th century. The mines are now deserted, closed down, buried or flooded. The famous past of the local mining industry is documented by the exposition of Kremnica mining and metallurgy.

In a unique installation in the lower basement, examples of individual types of historic mining tunnels have been dug into the andesite. The tunnels date from the oldest times to the present day, and there are also various mining tools, mining carts and other equipment on display there.

This authentic atmosphere of mine workings is complemented in the upper basement by exhibits related to the work of miners and metallurgists. Visitors can get to know more about the process of surface ore processing; they can see mining and metallurgic working tools and aids, a model of mills, a mining summon house, an original altar with the miners’ prayer, a collection of minerals, maps and plans of mines, and the famous Turček water pipe, coke pit furnace, rolling mill etc. In the middle, there is a symbolic gold brick representing the weight of 140 kg of gold, which, following the modification to the ducat’s purity, was the annual production of mines in Kremnica in the period after the granting of the town’s privileges in 1328.

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