The international numismatic conference NUMISMATICA CENTROEUROPAEA IV / from 23th to 26th September 2019

War and Peace in the History of Money

4. 3. 2019

The NBS Museum of Coins and Medals in Kremnica, Slovak National Museum – Museum of History, Slovak Numismatic Society at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Kremnica Mint, and Town of Kremnica cordially invite you to attend the international numismatic conference NUMISMATICA CENTROEUROPAEA IV (Main topic: War and Peace in the History of Money) taking place from 23th to 26th September 2019 at the lecture hall of the Municipal Office (historical town hall) 1/1 Štefánikovo námestie (Štefánik Square) Kremnica, Slovakia.

Main topic of the conference: War and Peace in the History of Money (Presentations of up to max. 20 minutes in length)
– Wars and their impact on currencies and iconography of money, money in war conflicts, conflicts and their reflection in coin hoards, money as loot or war taxes, mints in wars/vs in peace, war motives on medals and similar artefacts, war specific financing, etc…
– The topic areas relate to the history of money since its existence until 21st century
– The organizers will be happy to welcome other interesting topics from numismatic research as well

The languages of the conference:
Main languages: English and German
Other languages: Slovak, Czech, Polish or other according to participants which country are from

The conference will take place in the old central Slovak town of Kremnica, well known for its mint (in continuous operation since 1328), its precious-metal mining industry, and its fine examples of Gothic architecture (including townhouses, the Town Castle, and the medieval fortifications). Kremnica lies in a picturesque valley, surrounded by mountains offering opportunities for sports and hiking. Further information can be found at the following websites:,

For further details about the NBS Museum of Coins and Medals in Kremnica and about the conference, please visit:

The conference’s international preparatory committee:
– Dr Melinda Torbágyi – Hungarian National Museum, Budapest
– Dr Dagmar Grossmannová – Moravian Museum, Brno
– Professor Hubert Emmerig – University of Vienna – Department of Numismatics and Monetary History
– Professor Borys Paszkiewicz – University of Wrocław – Institut of Archeology
– Dr Marián Soják – Slovak Numismatic Society, Institute of Archaeology at the Slovak Academy of Sciences
– Dr Marek Budaj – Slovak National Museum – Museum of History, Bratislava
– Ms Magdaléna Kamhalová – NBS Museum of Coins and Medals in Kremnica
– Dr Daniel Haas Kianička – NBS Museum of Coins and Medals in Kremnica



The conference participation fee is €35, payable upon registration at the conference venue (participants will receive a receipt for their payment).


If you wish to attend the conference, please complete the attached application form (personal details; presentation – yes/no; title of presentation; registration for the excursion and conference dinner). Application forms must be received by 30 June 2019 at the following email address or postal address:; or NBS – Múzeum mincí a medailí Kremnica Štefánikovo námestie 11/21 967 01 Kremnica Slovensko/Slovakia.

Presentation abstracts in English or German (1-2 standard pages in length) should be received by 31 July 2019 at the above email address.

Application form


A publication of presentations from the conference will be issued in 2020 (as the second issue of the Kremnica museum’s volume “Museion”).


Participants are advised to reserve accommodation in Kremnica well in advance.

1) We recommend the following accommodation providers situated in the immediate vicinity of the museum:
Penzión & Caffe Veža: (21 beds)
Hotel Centrál: (40 beds)

2) Other accommodation in the vicinity of the museum. Making a reservation at the e-mail address:
Apartments and Suites (above the Modrý kocúr restaurant, a historical building at 70/8 Dolná Street): two two-bed rooms and one four-bed room, one night for one person is for 25 euros including a breakfast, pictures of the accommodation:
Penzión Ján Volka (a newly refurbished historical building on SNP Square 3; five apartments for 2 + 2 persons), price is not set yet, pictures of this accommodation are in invitation email
3) For information on other accommodation in and around Kremnica, please visit:


Kremnica is reachable from the north and south by train and bus – from Vrútky (north) and from Žiar nad Hronom or Zvolen (south).
Kremnica is small, so most parts of the town are within a short walk’s distance. A taxi service is also available.


Alongside the main programme there will be an official conference dinner and coach excursion (during a second or third day of the conference). Light refreshments will be served during the conference discussions (water, tea, coffee, sweet and savoury pastries). Participants will receive further information in a subsequent circular.

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