MEDAL 2016 – 2020
15. 12. 2020 – 24. 4. 2021
Exhibition finished

The exhibition Slovak Medal 2016 – 2020 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Association of Medalists of Slovakia, open to the public on 15 December 2020 – 5 February 2021 at the NBS – Museum of Coins and Medals in Kremnica presents the work of twenty-four members of the Association, two invited guests and three dead artists. It presents authors born between 1933 and 1985 and working mainly in Bratislava and Kremnica, but also in various regions of Slovakia. They are sculptors who deal with chamber sculpture, jewelry and design, professional creators of collector and commemorative coins issued by the National Bank of Slovakia, or experts from the Kremnica Mint. Their work is so creative that it incorporates current aspects of European and world medal production.

Many of the authors use their works to meet the criteria of a classical medal with its basic attributes, others bring works of an experimental nature, with unconventional technical procedures and materials, or moving the classical medal into the realm of small sculpture or miniature object.

At the exhibition, we can find mainly cast, embossed, forged, engraved, but also assembled medals; small sculptures as well as designs for circulation and commemorative coins are also represented. Many classic medals were created purposefully, on the basis of external stimuli and were limited by shape, content, technique and material, in addition, there are, of course, freely conceived works, where authors have the opportunity to ignore common regulations and even disengage from relief depictions towards space. in the form of a small sculpture or object. They use traditional and new techniques of metal processing such as casting, stamping, engraving, beating, but also for the medal until recently unthinkable procedures, such as assembly or assemblage, which are also related to the use of new materials such as stone, glass, paper, laminate, plastic as well as various used old or found objects.

The thematic inspiration of the current Slovak medal is equally extensive. In addition to occasional and jubilee, commemorating anniversaries or events, these are mainly societal themes, often with a timeless content emphasis, responding to serious environmental and human problems of the time and often moving from general anonymity to reflection of specific events that affected our country. Their opposites are literary, meditative or philosophical inspirations and inner emotional confessions, bringing a probe into the intimate spiritual world of contemporary man.

The artistic language of these works is closely connected with individual authorial styles and handwriting of individual creators. It ranges from elaborate figural compositions in which human stories are hidden through expressive gestures, as well as imaginative and fragile shape modeling to abstraction, geometry and minimalism.

Exhibiting authors, members of the Association of Medalists of Slovakia:

Jozef Barinka, Rozália Darázsová, Alojz Drahoš, Vladimír Durbák, Eva Dušenková, Ondrej Ďurian, Gabriela Gaspárová-Illéšová, Eva Harmadyová, Miroslav Hric, Pavel Károly, Ján Korkoš, Milan Kožuch, Dušan Králik, Milan Lukáč, Klment Mitura, Štefan Novotný, Mária Poldaufová, Marián Polonský, Branislav Rónai, Miroslav Rónai, Juraj Sapara, Ladislava Snopková, Imrich Svitana, Alexander Vika

Guests of the Association of Medalists of Slovakia:

Stanislav Kiča, Milan Struhárik

In memoriam:

Jozef Karol Höger, Štefan Hudzík, Ladislav Prítel

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