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The Burgher House

The Burgher House at 32-38 Štefánikovo square is used for long-term exhibitions that display different parts of the Museum's collections based on particular themes. This architecturally- interesting medieval building stands on a narrow plot of land between two larger Gothic buildings. Its internal architecture is typical of the late Renaissance style.

For almost ten years from 1988 the Burgher House hosted an exhibition entitled "Z dejín lyžovania na Slovensku" (From the history of skiing in Slovakia). The exhibitions shown here since 1998 include: Krása starých remesiel / The beauty of old crafts (1998-2003), Čriepky z histórie / Fragments of history (2003-- 2004), K pocte zbraň / Present arms! (2004-2005), Cesty zberateľstva v umení 15. - 18. storočia / Routes of collecting in 15th to 18th century art (2007 - 2012) and "Pôvab kameninových záhrad. Kremnická kameninová továreň 1815 - 1956" / The charm of stoneware gardens. The Kremnica stoneware factory 1815 - 1956 (2013 - 2019). For the last mentioned exhibition the Museum won the Slovak Museum of the Year Award in 2007 and the Annual Prize for 2007 awarded by the magazine Pamiatky a múzeá (Heritage and Museums).

The exhibition titled "The charm of stoneware gardens. The Kremnica stoneware factory 1815 - 1856 terminated on 30 September 2019. The Burger House at 32/38 Štefánikovo square will be temporarily closed due to the installation of a new exhibition.

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